High Five for Friday

Happy Friday and an even happier Halloween! What are you plans for tonight? We, along with his aunties and uncles, are taking Liam trick or treating. We shopped for a costume for Liam the other week, trying to find one that epitomizes his interests. He is learning so much but animals and cars seem to excite him the most. So when I found a monkey costume, the animal sound of the moment, I figured it was perfect. We're all dressing around the monkey theme. And here's a little spoiler for my own costume tonight.

Some highlights from the week:

1. This week was filled with nights watching the World Series. I've never seen a more intense series and am so proud to be a Giants fan. Madbum is on another level and one of these years, I'll make it to the parade.

2. Liam loves his garland we made for him the other night. Every night when I put him to bed he points at it and rambles on something I have NO idea. But he has a lot to say about it apparently. His "talking" is getting out of control. Crazy cute.

3. Temps have dropped from the high 80s FINALLY. Rain and a low of 38 tomorrow night. Say whaaat?

4. I acquired a second corneal ulcer this week. This isn't actually a highlight but I'm hoping the eye drops I was prescribed will help the problem. I have problematic eyes. Always have. What I once thought to be chronic pink eye has now been diagnosed (diagnose? that's making it sound much more dramatic than it really is) with chronic dry eyes which is causing the ulcers in my eyes. Have you ever had a corneal ulcer? Don't. Save yourself the trouble. They're not pleasant and make for computer day jobs the most annoying. After a battle with insurance not wanting to pay for the prescription, a rock star husband who spent two FULL days working with them trying to find a solution, I finally got the prescription I needed and should hopefully get rid of my problem for good. The best part? The prescription would have cost about $1400. I payed $31. TAKE THAT ULCER!

5. Morning coffee runs with husband. They make for the perfect start to my work day. Such a special part of my day.

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