Since learning how to say "uh oh" he will do any and everything to create an "uh oh" moment. Dropping those grape and banana slices off his tray..."uh oh mama!!" Really? Or could this have been avoided. We know...

When we say it's time to go night night, he runs to his crib and tries to pull himself up. I mean, this has been my dream. Sometimes he'll throw a fit in the midst of running to his crib, but he's a great listener. ;)

He now gives kissies on the lippies.

He tries to wipe his own booty when I change his diaper. I feel like this can only benefit me for future potty training.

He's such the helper when we grocery shop. I'll hand him the celery, he'll throw it in the cart. Love it.

He loves to be tickled. Hoping he never grows out of this. Although how awkward does it look for a 50 year old mother to be tickling her twenty-something son? So..... hoping he doesn't outgrow it for a while then. I love hearing those little giggles.

He eats from a spoon, blows on his food, and successfully shovels it into his mouth. It's much easier to actually eat my dinner from start to finish. Joyous!

He never forgets to give mama and daddy hugs. 

Liam, never stop making me such a proud mommy!

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