happiness is...

Yesterday was 70 degrees. And it was cloudy and misty and just for a second, I thought I was back home. And then I woke up this morning, husband had all the windows and sliding glass door was open, the AC was off for the first time this summer, and it was 63 degrees outside. My fall candle is glowing in celebration. You win, weekend.

Liam is learning to count. We play this really simple, almost stupid game where I count to three and say GO and he runs around the house with me chasing him. When he go on walks, we do the same. He's caught on and now he throws out a mysterious "dlfkj, ehuth, THELFHSD!" and then goes running around. It's amazing to me how fast he catches on. Yesterday I said uh oh (which is strange that I never say that around him because there are plenty of "uh oh" moments around here) and quietly from the back seat I hear, "uh oooooh" in the softest little whisper. It's so rewarding to hear him pick up words so fast. And also a wee bit terrifying realizing that I what I say matters. Not that I go around throwing obscenities out, but it just makes you think twice.

The closet is clean with NOTHING ON THE GROUND. Do you know what this means? Do you know how often this happens? Blue moons happen more often.

California for Christmas. We are so excited. I think about it way too much.

The mini date night me and husband had on the patio the other night. The air was crisp, twinkle lights on, and we talked and talked. And sorted a lot of stuff out that we never usually have time to discuss in detail. And I felt bonded to him in a new way. Love when those nights happen.

We have a hospital bed. Well not really, but it's the kind where it has a massager built in and the head and foot of the bed lift up and down. Since we moved, we've neglected to put batteries in the remote. Such a stupid fix. Husband came home with batteries the other day, I literally swooped him up in my arms and laid a big fat one on him. My back has never felt better. Sitting all day has created knots in places I never knew would be so painful. My right booty cheek for instance, almost has a lump in it because the knot is so big. TMI? OK, well anyway, it's gone. And going to sleep every night again with the slow vibration from heaven has been the best. It's definitely feels like senior citizen world over here.

Snacking on celery with peanut butter. Mmm MMM!

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