Labor Day, you're doing fine

Weekends are known for husband working and me and Liam out on the town. That's right. We paint it whatever color we dang well please. Yesterday's color choice was orange, in the most delicious shade of "dreamsicle." Shaved ice is what summer is all about. I have a slight obsession and twas Liam's first experience. It was, shall we say, dreamy? I mean, the stuff names itself. It was as if the heavens opened up and sang a robust chorus of "Hallelujah." And heaven forbid I don't shovel sweet deliciousness in his mouth fast enough. For just as quickly as the heavens opened up, they closed with shrieks of "mo! mo! mo!" and reached pitches I didn't know the boy was capable of.
Safe to say it was a hit.

We roamed back roads, saw some longhorns, went to Southfork Ranch. Here's the thing though. I'm not one who likes tours. I don't want to be guided through a ranch. I want to explore and experience it for myself. That's the beauty of exploring, no? I do believe they should allow you to roam the ranch and let little boys run free and find rocks and sticks. I don't really care about the TV show, I'm here for the scenery! Just a little something that I spent a little too long ranting to T about. Moving on before this gets awkward.
It was a scorcher and any amount of time outside that lasted longer than 10 minutes was too long. So we spent the rest of the day indoors, making no bake cookies and drinking tea.

Little bear is signing for more. Most likely followed by a grunt. That's generally how "mama, I'd like more food please" is asked. We're working on the please part with not a whole lot of luckeroo.

L has been super affectionate as of late. He always wants to hold my hand and if we're sitting together, he's either placing his hand gently on me or pressing my hand against his thigh. What more could a mother love?
We finished the day slowly. Naps were had and difficult to wake up from. Summer is closing its doors but not before we've had our final say. There's still more on the agenda this weekend. A family day spent with a little less sunscreen in the bottle, hand holding and nature. Labor Day, you're alright.

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