fort worth zoo

a few weeks ago, the whole family beat the summer heat and went out to the fort worth zoo. i've been to a variety of zoos but this time was one of my favorites because it was liam's first time. i'm not sure he totally knew what he was looking at all the time but it was great seeing him touch the animals at the petting zoo and gaze at everything. even the simplest sights now have a new perspective for me. he's fascinated by everything and sucks in his breath when he sees something suddenly. we'll go back and forth saying "ooh" and i think it's wonderful.
let it be known that he loves birds. it should be said that birds are my greatest fear. i'm convinced they are out to sabotage me and most likely kill me and liam's intrigue makes me wanna cry. he's starting to chase them, guys. that's like asking them to play and nobody's got time for that. that being said, birds were his favorite part.
ostrich. is that even a bird? whatever they are, they are the worst of them all.
there were two little baby elephants and they'd run around everywhere and the mama would try to corral them when they'd get too far away. have you ever seen an elephant sprint? greatest thing ever. 
all tuckered out. poor boy hadn't had a nap all day and he didn't last.
 we can't not ride a carousel. it just has to be done.
fort worth zoo. nailed it.

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