date night

the other day i got off work to find a bouquet of roses in my car and a seven candle. he's a sneaky guy, that husband. i call him and ask what the seven stands for and he said, "you'll see." hmm. informative. days passed and i still had no idea what the seven meant. asking him and trying to pry it out of him was of no use and then one day, he told me " babe, you need to take a nap after work today. you're overly tired." thinking he's just being the caring guy he is, i take his truly sound advice and slept. after waking up, we were sitting on the couch talking with my mother-in-law when he says, "go get dressed. we're going out tonight. mom has liam and it's just you and me." my heart skipped a beat. these nights are so rare. either he's working or i'm in bed by 8pm for work the next day or liam is with us and it's difficult for us to find husband and wife time. he took me to a nice steak dinner where we didn't even talk about liam once. we drank several glasses of wine, never fed a one year old a bite, and we were completely focused on each other and the massive filet.

we went to a super cheesy movie after dinner. the kind where it's only you and one other couple in the theater. you want to hear something a little sad? that was our first movie we'd been to since we moved from texas almost three years ago. we stuffed all the popcorn, dibs, and junior mints we could muster; took selfies and held hands the entire movie. i love that man. we went home refreshed and kissed our little mister, feeling thankful.

the next morning, business as usual. full of cheerios, clifford, naked babies, and cuddles in bed. cuddles? no no, i meant wrestling. liam's jabber in the morning is the cutest and can't wait til he's actually saying words. he has much to say.

i'm so grateful for this life. moments may be hard. challenges definitely are daily but there's this family of mine that remind me how God is so good. all the time.

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