attitude check

Today was off. I didn't get out the door when I wanted. Liam decided naps were irrelevant. I had waaay too much caffeine and not enough energy. But the weather...the weather was dreamy. I wish Spring were here to stay. Ya, I know I will probably be wishing for cold, blustery days once the 110 temps come knocking and last til September. Today was all wrong but I am a sucker for the sun. I love it. I love being hot, feeling sun-kissed. And though my mood was sour most of the day, it took five minutes at the park with Liam to turn that frown upside down. You can judge me for saying that. I do. Ha. But I meeeean. Who wouldn't love hanging out with a 10 month old who's laughing while he swings in 75 degrees??

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