life lately seems chaotic and ever constant. it seems i rarely get a moment to stop and smell the roses. every spare moment i get is spent packing up the house for our move next week. nothing like realizing how much stuff you actually have until you have to fit it into boxes. however, with autumn approaching it seems to bring a fresh start to life. with that brings new things to figure out...new game plans. it's exciting and overwhelming all at once!
husband and i were finally able to steal a day together yesterday. the last time we both had a day off together was over a month ago. our days off are usually spent catching up on life which we did some of but we made sure to take some time for each other. and the babs of course. we have a sort of tradition where we have "theme" days and we must do everything according to that theme. well it was mexican day which meant margaritas, bbqing the best meat, guacamole, fresh tortillas, mexican markets, and the like. it. was. muy bien!
the day recharged me and i felt a little lighter. thank you, husband, for making yesterday special!

 aaaaaaaaaaaand back to packing. peace!

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