perfect summer day

yesterday was the best kind of day. i was feeling kinda summery and the weather was hot to match. i wanted to get outside and soak up some vitamin d. being that husband and i have very different ideas about summer and our skin has a lot to do with that, our thoughts on entertainment during the summer months vary quite a bit. one of us likes to escape the heat and the other does every thing they can to be in it. while the idea of going on an adventure and the lake were tossed out, we settled on helping our economy and went shopping. it was his idea. it was ALSO his idea to go to world market and pick up some stuff for the house. he really is the best, i tell you. husband jackpot. we had a leisurely lunch where i enjoyed my first margarita in over 11 months (yay pregnancy), sauntered over to nordstrom, drove around, and laughed our butts off. it wasn't so much what we did that solidified that i want every day to be like yesterday, it was the company and the little moments. the moments where we are imitating liam's grunts for 10 minutes, sharing our hopes for our little nugget and looking forward to his growing up, walking in silence hand in hand, rocking our babe to sleep and having conversation over a shared beverage, watching the voice together and getting so into it, we start sweating from nervousness, our wine and cheese dinner spent on the couch, a late night walk that put liam to sleep. it was all of those things put together to create a day i won't forget for a while. he's great, that man. i never grow tired of spending time with him, always aching for him to come home and forever grateful that i said yes to his most important question.

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