over the weekend

this past weekend was packed with family time. my sis was in town which usually always entails wine, reality tv, and not a lot else. it's always great when she's here. she's been the sibling that i can be every part of my personality with--silly or serious, we get along wonderfully. lucky for her, she came the day that i took liam to get "snipped." poor katie. and poor liam. he was not a happy camper the first few days. she also realized how glad she is to have had girls. (i've realized for the first time that watching your child be in pain is one of the hardest things to endure) all three of us sisters spent sunday afternoon eating cake and celebrating ainsley and tessa's birthdays, chasing after kids, wading in the kiddie pool, enjoying shaved ice, and stuffing ourselves with pizza. i'm so thankful for the relationship i have with both of my sisters and relish in the fact that our kids will be close. nothing better than sibling love, than cousin love.

 ^^^his eyes cut straight into my soul

^^^smoooodder timeeeee

^^^reading books
^^^getting your diaper changed is exhausting
^^^being cute or stealing things from mommy's purse?

^^^uncle thomas annihilating tess with a super soaker 
^^^castle cake obviously
^^^birthday girls!

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