weekend accomplishments

I have been feeling pretty accomplished around here. Last week I went to Salinas for a few days and it was the first time I didn't have Thomas' help. It was tiring but the trip was great. My parents were gone at the cabin so it was just me, Katie and the kids. It was a girly weekend that included a comedy night, a day in Monterey, lots of coffee runs, a 2.5 hour walk, ocean views, people watching, wine, Bravo, and manis/pedis. It was pretty great until Katie's janky knee started to swell like something fierce, my feet blistered and our hips said no, no!

Husband and I also moved everything from storage to our new garage--a task with a 5 week old who doesn't want to stay asleep. (Thomas nows wants to create a man cave in said garage. That should be interesting.)
Today calls for cleaning the patio and getting it ready for SUMMER! That also calls for husband to get out of bed...

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