4 weeks

liam is one month old and it's easy to forget life before him. he's added so much life and joy to me and husband. i've never felt such purpose in my life. being responsible for something so precious seemed intimidating in the months prior to him being born but now seems such a privilege.
 looking back to the day he was born til now, he's just grown so much. he follows us with his eyes and his smiles happen more and more each day. he no longer fits newborn sleepers and diapers are much grosser to change. husband and i were discussing last night how much he's grown. when he was first born and life with a newborn was hard and we were not so secretly wishing he would grow up a little faster, we now wish time would slow down. we have the routine down. we know his quirks. we've figured out the schedule that best works for liam and our daily life.

 it's much easier and now that he's not kicking our butts, i just wish time would pause. but with that comes the purposeful smiles he will give. i look forward to him saying "mama" for the first time and hearing his laughter. him sitting up and taking his first steps. there are so many exciting firsts (and seconds and thirds) in his future. i feel so lucky to be his mama.

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