refreshed at 5:40pm

today was a "me" day. there are some days off where the hours sail by and i wonder what i did or how it's 
already bedtime. and then there are days that slowly drift through sunlight and i'm truly living every second of it. today, and really yesterday, was that day. i spent the morning sipping coffee, enjoying the outdoors, getting a little sun on my skin, and truly basked in nature. i don't get many days like this but when i do, it's like my soul can breathe again. it is suddenly revitalized and the taxing week is only a memory. it's been a discouraging week, with way too many lows so it's days like today that i treasure.

the latter part of the day was spent with our new prized possession. i'll let you in on that later. yeee!

also, i'm now in my third trimester. talk about time going by waaaaay too fast!

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