a list

things i'm looking forward to post pregnancy::

a "normal" body. i'm fully aware that my body has forever changed. that thought punches me in the face every time i look in a mirror. but boy, would it be nice to see my knees (cause i can still see my toes) again. and a belly that doesn't itch would be wonderful. and smaller boobs. tmi?

a piping hot bath. lukewarm baths are all i get right now and i would kill for a bath that almost burns my skin off. for now, they're just a sweet memory.

my old workout routine. i dream of it. while walks are nice, i'm more of a runner and that just isn't a pretty sight right now.

the demise of my cankles.

not needing to eat every three hours. for some, pregnancy is an excuse to eat all the time, whatever you want. this can be glorious but sometimes food sounds so revolting. frankly, i'm tired of eating. that's not an option though, unless i want the nauseousness to come crashing in on me.

sometimes i feel like i will never be out of breath again.

however, with those things come little (although not so little anymore) kicks in my belly, a husband whose eyes for me have only grown fonder with the thought of me carrying his babe, the desire to be the world's best mom, and a completely new chapter. so i guess it's worth it. :)

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