it's a....!

every now and then, husband and i get longer than a few hours to ourselves and we take advantage. last night we took a long walk in the FREEZING cold weather (50 is cold people) with sadie to grab dinner. we sat outside eating warm soup, people watched, and just were. fall was wonderfully in the air.

a few days ago was a our 19 week doctor's appointment. pure excitement, anticipation, and nerves led up to this appointment. this was the day we were finding out if it's a boy or girl. after meeting with our doctor and enduring a 25 minute ultrasound, we were given the news i'd wanted to hear. you're having a BOY! i knew it was, i just knew it. they say you just know, and it may not be true for everyone, but i did. and i'm so glad. hunter will finally have another boy cousin! there's lot of girls running around these parts and another boy will definitely add some spice. we went to dinner afterwards to celebrate and to tell family members the news. a few enjoyed adding their two cents about names. norbert, eugene, martin, bernard, buford (bryson obviously)--all great choices, guys, but i think we've landed on a name. this we're keeping to ourselves for a little while longer. :)

to my sweet boy,
i felt you move for the first time this morning. i was driving to work at 4am. some of us were still half asleep, and some of us were not. i felt you flutter around several times and then finally settle down. never big flutters, but enough to make you ever so real to me. you're doing wonders to my heart and i already love you so.

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