two years

two years ago today...vows were spoken, rings were exchanged, a kiss was given and our life began as husband and wife. it was the best decision i've ever made.

neither of us knew what was ahead of us. we said “i do” to things we had yet to experience, but you have to TRUST and BELIEVE that whatever comes your way….those two [BIG] words will come whispering back in your ear and be exactly what you need in those moments.

life doesn't look the way i envisioned on our wedding day……it’s way sweeter. thomas and i have been on an adventure and there’s no one else on planet earth that i would want to experience this one shot at life with. god knew i needed thomas…that he was perfect for me. thomas makes me a better person. we are dreamers…..we believe in love and beating odds….we are dangerous together.

we are going away a little later today. we'll share some wine, some bbq, and perhaps reminisce about that decision made a few years ago. 

thomas, i love you. i love you for who you are. thank you for your hard work to provide for us. life is sweet with you...through the peaks and the valleys. you are exactly what i need. happy two years! xoxo

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