a celebration

as usual, our spontaneity got the best of us and our anniversary plans changed. after exchanging gifts (for him...a watch to add to his collection. for me...a michael kors bag) we decided to head down to l.a. to celebrate our anniversary. and again, life took a detour. we've been discussing for about a year or more getting an english bulldog. it's thomas' dream dog but we just could never get over the price tag. after much research, weighing the pros and cons, we decided to go for it. we found an amazing deal and headed toward lancaster instead. though most of the day was spent in the car, i wouldn't have spent our day any other way. we had a blast. we laughed a lot, got stuck in traffic, took pit stops, and didn't rush anything. it was amazing. (although the accident in bakersfield that led to four hours of just sitting on the freeway was not a highlight. literally...car off, people out of their cars, half hour naps, didn't move our car...for FOUR hours. instead of getting home at 11pm, we got home at...........6am. score.


and then we picked up this little guy. it's back to potty training, puppy chewing (it WILL be broken) and cuddles we go. we're so excited. judge us if you want, but now our family is complete. he's perfect for us. he lacks energy and can't have a lot of exercise which fits our lifestyle. so glad benjamin is part of our family.

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