Today is {HOT}

...the last few have been actually. It's ok, I love it that way. That's how summer's supposed to be. 

Things never slowed down after Magic Mountain. Husband came home on his lunch tonight and he's barely making it. He's sucking down the Diet Coke to keep him awake. Poor guy. I, however, have had the most wonderful past two days. Yesterday saw me sleeping in, lounging on the couch, drinking a beer on the patio, and playing Guitar Hero and Hot Wheels with Hunter. Not a tough day :).

 Today felt full and relaxing all in one. So poifect. We may or may not have skipped church for the zoo. Shame on us, I know. But it was wonderful. Husband and I love zoos. The last one we went to was the San Diego Zoo on our honeymoon. Fresno's is much more small time but still loved it just the same. 

It was incredibly toasty today. We probably didn't pick the best day to go since it was 105 at 11am. Sweet. 
Even the animals seemed a bit sluggish.

See what I mean? Sluggish.

The giraffes though, not so much. They were prancing about and I'm pretty sure I made a new friend.

Beautiful creatures, those giraffes. 

Thomas was bummed Mr. Grizzly wasn't out and about. But really, no one shoulda been in that heat. Don't really blame the fellow. Surprised Thomas didn't pass out. His body can't stand the heat as much as mine can. It's the red head in him, I think. ;)

Right about here, I think I deserve an applause. Go 'head.
I went into the bird cage.
While I don't always love that zoos capture such majestic animals and they aren't able to roam free, birds never seem caged enough. They're always just able to roam where they please. NO ME GUSTA.

{Face off}

Right about the time Thomas was convincing me that it isn't so bad, those stupid white birds smelled my fear, and headed straight for us. Charged, they did. Charged us right out.
And that is why I hate them. They are evil and they know it. And they like it.
(I will admit, they were pretty)

You better believe we left the zoo after that. The ducks at the pond seemed kinder.

Later, In N Out was consumed and a dip in the pool was heavenly.
My kind of Sunday.

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