Magic at the Mountain

Four of us set out to Magic Mountain yesterday morning. Me and husband went with Daniel, my brother-in-law, and Aaron. Husband and I had been talking awhile about wanting to go and Thomas really wanted a day that was exhausting from being in the sun all day. To him, that equals summer. It's kinda true. The most memorable summer days are the ones where I'm overheated and way too sunburned--they're always my favorite. Well, that was yesterday. We got there about open and never had to wait that long in lines. It was pretty magical. Ha. Pun intended. After several rides though, all but Aaron were nauseous and we needed food and water. We stopped for a bite and continued riding rides all afternoon. We all mostly recovered except Daniel, who could never shake the nauseousness. Poor guy didn't utter a word past noon.

{During our "three times in a row" Viper experience. There was no line so we didn't have to get off the ride. Good in theory, bad on paper. Third time around my body was so banged up. I have a swollen left shoulder to prove it}

{Waiting for Apocalypse. Best ride ever and I couldn't stop laughing. I may or may not have almost secretly peed my pants}

{Going up on Apocalypse. Obviously, it's a happy experience}

{Just so dang giddy}

{These shoes were not made for walking}

{Thanks, Aaron! :) }

{Good end to our day. Nothing better than seeing the sun low in the sky riding a roller coaster}

Today, we are sunburned, sore and blistered but our heart is full. It was a glorious day.

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