Home Tour: Living Room

We spent the last few days redoing some things around here. Pretty much everything went. (Jen, you don't know it but our other leather chair is currently being stored in your garage. We're taking it up to the cabin. Mom doesn't know that yet either. It will come back once we have a bigger space. :) New couch, new side table, new leather chair, new entertainment center (that hides everything!), new lamp, new island. Like I said, pretty much everything went. Ha. We still have a few things left to do...new area rug, couch pillows (those generic ones just won't do), bar stools, and re-centering of things. I love it all. :)

 Girl is always here.

"I have things to see, Mom!!"

 Still need to recenter the wreath obviously.
 I love lamp.

 Husband's chair.

That chase breathes life into my soul.

Our house is becoming a home. 

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