When life gives you lemons, make a vanilla bean.

A very unrelated topic, but a very funny quote today. Moving on.

I had five days off this last weekend which in my world feels like a month long vacation. I took advantage and drove to Salinas. We went out for Mama's birthday at LaLa Grill which is a glorious restaurant. We ate way too much, had hearty laughs (not at Brad's jokes though), drank a variety of margaritas, and ooh-ed and ah-ed at the twinsies. We went home and promptly made more margaritas and drew A LOT of pictures.
Monday, sister and I took Mama shopping and found her some amazing new clothes, like the stylists we are. We really should make this a career. I don't know why Rachel Zoe hasn't called yet. 
The parents left for Italy on Tuesday and me and sis took them to the airport in San Francisco. Being husband and childless, we took advantage and spent the day there. Lots of walking and shopping and police cars and fascinating clothing choices and pretty views and even more laughing.

Best weekend ever.

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