Office shtuff

Today was a good day. You know those days, nothing particularly great happens but you just feel it? Those days when the weather is divineyou get something you were waiting for in the mail (my Stickygram package!), thinking of my birthday next week, Husband opening an envelope that increased our income, me getting a raise, my bowl of chalk sticks in a bowl that I'm so oddly fond of, OCD organization, perhaps even the intense caffeine high I experienced at work. Shot party anyone? =) Espresso shots, that is. It was just good. I'm discovering that if you choose to be happy, really choose, then most likely you will be and your attitude will change. Such a simple and profound idea. Besides, Debbie downers aren't any fun.

We're in the process of redoing our guest room. It's transitioning from our house catchall to our home office. You know, for all the office stuff I do every day. Sitting at this desk makes me want to wear this suit to the office. But alas...

Here are a few diddies from the design board that's being created in my head:

{Images via Pinterest}

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