Choose joy

My Week...
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One: Talking in accents. All day.
Two: Simple packages.
Three: A clean house.
Four: Husband bringing me flowers.
Five: My district manager telling me "A+"
Six: Laughing uncontrollably.
Seven: Taking Sadie to the dog park.
Eight: Finding my $60 lamp for $15.
Nine: Peanut butter and banana smoothies.
Ten: Husband getting a second job interview!!!
Eleven: Spring weather.

One: A customer yelling at me for laughing.
Two: Ripping my pants. In the booty.
Three: Desperately missing my Texas friends.

I would say the good definitely outweighs the bad! I've really been working on choosing joy and discovering what that really means. 
The definition of choose is to "pick out or select (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives."  I want to choose happiness AND joy, because the difference is so important. Joy is not an emotion but an attitude of the heart. It is something that lasts, where happiness is temporary. It brings us peace in the middle of our storm. It is so important that the enemy tries to steal your joy and tempt you with temporary happiness. I read a great analogy recently. "Happiness is like a thermometer that changes based the environment around it. Joy is a thermostat that we can learn to set and will effect the environment around it."

 I was told several times this week that it's easy to make me laugh. Such a compliment! My favorite compliment, I think.
Plus, laughing burns calories.

Hold on tight to your joy, my friends. You'll see it makes all the difference.

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