Perks of California Living

It's been a wonderful first week in California. The drive was tolerable and Sadie did quite wonderful in the backseat. She's a great listener. We've rarely stopped going since before we moved and I'm sure at some point I will probably collapse in exhaustion but until that happens, I'll keep going and going. Moving in was a breeze. Everything is pretty much out of boxes except for a few that found a nice spot in the guest room. Every day we hang out with family. When Thomas needs some guy time, Daniel is only a few minutes away. Him and Jillian are great and it's nice to have them so close. When I want to go thrifting or just want some company, I head on over to Jen's and there's usually some sort of chaos going on. It's quite a fabulous situation. Sunday, for example, was the PERFECT thrifting day. Of course, Thomas thought otherwise so Jen, the kids and I all went for a jaunt. We made out quite well. A huge dresser for me and a leather chair for Jen. A+ effort, I have to say. Since then, we've been to a Bulldogs game, the fair, to Salinas and back, and today is Hunter's party. Move to Fresno was genius.

{on top of the Ferris wheel}

 {dinner at the wharf}

 {even growing up here, the ocean is still ever intriguing}

 {going to the beach. So tired already}

 {she LOVED it}

 {big girl}


{stereotypical California family hahahah} 

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