A silly Friday night

Our original plan was to go for a hike with Sadie girl, but the heat got to us and we didn't want to venture out. So Thomas, yes Thomas, came up with the idea of going to Hobby Lobby to find something crafty for each of us to do. He's been wanting to get back into creating models and I had several things on my list to do as well.
He picked up an awesome helicopter and I gathered my ribbon and beads and we set home. We lit some candles, listened to music, the TV was OFF, Sadie playing with her bone, sipping on tea, and eating chocolate covered strawberries. This was partly an attempt on my behalf for it to be fall. It, in fact, is not.

My creations were unsuccessful. My perfectionist side and creative side butt heads a lot. But Thomas so enjoyed his helicopter. And while he did, I listened to stories of him and his brothers when they were young creating models. I soaked it all up. Hours in, I thought, "DUH, Sadie and I need a friendship bracelet. Doesn't every mother and her dog need that?? Obvs.

She was not having it. She tried every way possible to prevent me from putting it on. And once it was finally on, she looked pissy and decided, "Well, if she's not going to take it all, I'll bite it off."

She turned to my bracelet and decided the concept of the bracelets in general was not her fav and proceeded to bite mine off as well.
And then Thomas'. 
I've never laughed so hard.

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