Movie night and a cuddly dog

Last night was movie night on the floor of the living room. These are some of my favorite nights, especially during Christmas time when there's a fire going in the fireplace, lights twinkling on the Christmas tree, and hot chocolate is being sipped (can you tell I'm over summer). We made a bed with comfy blankets and pillows and watched Into the Wild. We've never done this since we've had Sadie and she was LOVING the new bed that was obviously made for her. I was in the kitchen making a french press of coffee and turn around to see Sadie clearly enjoying herself.

My attempts to get her to move were pointless and considered it an opportunity to cuddle. =) Normally she likes to sleep in the same room as us but NEVER on or touching us. Not last night. She fell asleep so hard she was twitching and snoring. I couldn't wake her up to save my life. My coffee eventually wore off and 3am was vastly approaching. Being that 4am is my usual wake up call, I'm proud of myself that I was even able to last that long. I looked at my camera this morning and found this photo...


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