Summer's on its way

Fridays and Saturdays are my favorite days. I always work Sunday-Thursday. We went to White Rock Lake in Dallas on Friday and strolled around the lake. So relaxing and refreshing. It's been pretty warm lately so the weather was perfect, high 80's. There's a little kiddie pool at the dog park that Sadie loves so we wanted to see if she would love going to the lake. I sensed that she would.
And she did. She jumped in without us looking.
If you notice, the edge is a pretty high so getting her out was a task and quite hilarious. She tried jumping up about four or five times. She would jump straight up, miss the ledge, and splash back in the water. I died but it was a little sad seeing her fail so many times. So finally Dad had to step in.
The lake was gorgeous. Such a good change of scenery.
{Canoe dock}
{loved this dock. great place to dangle your feet in the water}
{walking home after getting a ticket for not having Sadie on a leash. In the water!!!! not too happy. Stupid bicycle "cop"}

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