Sadie Baby

Happy Saturday!
Thursday afternoon, Thomas and I decided to go to an animal shelter to look at dogs. Not necessarily to get one, just look. We came home with this.
Meet Sadie. She's an adorable Labrador Retriever. Supposedly 3 but we think she's a little older. She's such a mellow dog, perfect for our apartment. Malkin had a field day. Finally a sister! However, we had somewhat been talking about giving him away. I never ever would've thought I would give away a dog. He was my pup. My little baby that I raised.
His issue is that his energy level is out of control. He constantly chews, disobeys when he's overly excited, barks, not ideal for an apartment. If we lived in a house with a large yard that'd be different. We gave him 110% and he still struggled. We hoped that Sadie would play with him so we wouldn't have to as much. They did some but Malkin never gives up. He's a persistent little pup that goes 24/7. Sadie put him in check when he needed it but he still persisted. Anyway, we decided there was a better family out there who could take care of him. That was one of the most painful things I've ever done. I cried and cried and cried. I miss him so much but I know we did the right thing. Sadie will never replace him but she's a great fit for our family.

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