Picture 006: A Creek Walk

We took a walk with Malkin yesterday. One thing I love about Texas is it has little creeks and ponds hidden everywhere. They're like little treasures. I miss knowing the beach is a 10 minute drive away but I'm growing to have an appreciation for things that are different. Texas is so different. I'm trying to adjust. We walked along this creek and while it seemed picturesque in the picture, it was not. Malkin sucks at walking on a leash. Thomas' mindset about most animals is like this: humans ruin them. Meaning, we capture them, make them adjust to our own lives, make them be who we want them to be. So when I say I think Malkin should be on a leash when we take a walk through suburbia, he thinks he should be able to run freeeee. Hmm. The walk was short lived and we went to the dog park where he could run "free." That is until we realized he's matured. He's no longer a pup anymore and I'm pretty sure he's gay. Other boy dogs have never felt so violated I'm sure.

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