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I picked Thomas up in Denton early this morning. Mornings have become the best part of my day. That's when I get to see Thomas which is so so good. Picked him up and then were off to go get him a new wedding ring. Story for you...
Around Christmas, he and his co-worker went to a car wash to clean out the company van. On the way there, Thomas is playing with his wedding ring and it falls on the floor. Meaning to pick it up before he got out, he unfortunately forgets. He vacuums it up in this huge industrial vacuum. He freaks out. Sadly, there was no way for him to get it back. It went underground and it would've been impossible. He felt horrible. So horrible that there was no way I could get mad. He was frustrated enough for the both of us.
So fiiiinally today, we got him a new one. Did a few more errands and then he took me to work. We were early so we parked and chatted for a bit. I look over and this is what I find...
{Crash and burn}

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