It's almost funny...almost.

It's been a rocky couple days. Several days actually. Happy New Year to us! I truly thought yesterday was gonna be the day that killed me. Our bank took every last bit out of me. Money orders, declined cards, unhelpful USAA reps, multiple errands, you name it, it was this weekend. Yesterday, all of those things happened and then some. BUT bank is all good and we shouldn't have any more issues.
...and then today. Oh today. Thomas goes to the school to figure out VA money. He is told by a woman that they haven't been able to send his certification of classes to the VA due to "busyness and the break." He flips. So you're telling me because you didn't do your job, I'm not getting $1400? Ooooh, but you sent out emails (that I didn't get) so it's all good. The lady literally says, "Well, there's actually a lot of people in your position. We've already done like 100." Blood vessel about to pop in Thomas' head. "Because you went on a break, I'm out $1400? What about the other 2000 students!!!!!!"
THEN she says he's been dropped from his classes because you have to pay beforehand otherwise you're dropped. Oh, sweet Lord. Story just gets better, doesn't it? Thomas is now yelling and embarrassing the lady. Good. I'm not getting money AND I'm dropped from all my classes?? Do you know what you've done, woman!! No, no she doesn't.
After realizing that this all comes down to her fault (since she's the one who actually sends in the certification to the VA) and she's screwed us, he has to come back in tomorrow and they will send in the certification and register for classes. (Nevermind the fact that school starts soon and he registered for these like 3 weeks ago and everything is probably full)
And this is just a snapshot of this interaction. Life is blowing my mind.
What will tomorrow bring?

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