Spring Break

Liam's Spring Break was last week and it was my goal to make it memorable for him and knew it would help me adjust to summer when all three kids are at home. I needed a routine. To be active. Guess what?

We survived.

And we had so much fun! And we've adjusted just a little bit more.

When it's just me wrangling at the boys, I wear Davis in the sling, Caleb rides in the stroller because he needs restraint, and Liam walks. It's a good system and Caleb and Liam switch off in the stroller.

Monday we went to the Discovery Gardens. Thomas and I had been to the Butterfly House before when we were first married. The weather was overcast and a bit cold so the humid 80 degrees sounded nice. The first minute we stepped in, I realized Liam is terrified of butterflies. I knew he didn't like flies and bees and most flying bugs, but these are BUTTERFLIES. Harmless. You'd think he was in a torture chamber. Caleb thought his little outbursts quite funny. We walked the grounds, played at the playground, and visited the snake exhibit. In a twist of irony, Liam loved the rattlesnakes and copperheads so much he wanted to make a second round. I cannot with that child.

It rained Tuesday and we stayed home. Wednesday we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards. In the sevenish years we've lived here, we'd never gone and Liam wanted to see the cattle. The weather was perfect, though windy, and the boys were fascinated with the longhorns. Caleb would shout "HORSE! Hiiiiiii!" with every passerby and a "real life cowboy" let Liam pat the horse (his words, not mine). We got ice cream, watched the cattle drive (which was a let down for a five year old who I'm certain thought it was going to be a stampede), sat to wait for the train to roll by. Liam picked out a magnet which has become somewhat of a tradition when we go to new places. Skin a little chapped from the wind and sun, we had a quiet drive home. Caleb and Davis fell asleep and Liam and I chatted.

It was then that Liam accepted Christ. We talked a long time about being a sinner and how he's been saved by the cross. I cried as we called Daddy and Liam told him "Daddy, I asked God to be my friend today." It was an intimate car ride home, one I'll remember forever and savor.

Thursday and Friday were park days. There's so many in town and we've found a few favorites. While parks are not my favorite since I have to chase a daring Caleb, there are some that I can observe from the park bench feeding Davis. 😜
We had a wonderful week. We were tired and fulfilled and Liam wasn't ready to go back to school. And I feel like I can master three kids now, though I'm grateful for school days. 😅


Life lately according to my iphone

We're still trying to find our rhythm as a family of 5 but we're getting there. I like schedules and routine and having a new baby always throws me a little out of wack. But I'm loving the slower days and time with the boys. We do lots of trips to the park and lots of naps (all three boys are asleep as I type and I feel like I've won the lottery), we build block towers and race hot wheels, bake cookies and drink lots of coffee, eat too many cookies and take walks. Life's rough lately. 😛 Here's a glimpse into the last two weeks.

Liam lost his first tooth! The tooth fairy left $3!
My lunch date every day. He's the cutest.
Playing basketball with the big boys means not a lot of time with the ball. 
A prime example of the napping I was referring too. Even during tummy time which Davis actually enjoys. He can be gassy and he instantly stops fussing on his tum tum.
At the trip to the park (above) Caleb was walking down steps and tripped and fell on his face. Poor kid. He never has graceful falls. Usually his face takes the hardest hits. Below you can see the knot on his left eyebrow. He's unsure about it.
And here we have the delightful black and blue eye that's formed. It's interesting...the looks you get from strangers in a store. 

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