Little Moments

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It's been the kind of week where I'm not sure whether I'm crying because I'm so mad, or sad, or it's just my hormones raging again. Probably a mixture of all of the above. But it's made me appreciate the little bits of goodness that have happened this week too. Like my one-on-one hot chocolate date with Liam. Or when he's putting himself to bed (!) and says I love you, Mama all on his own. Or the notes husband leaves me before work. Or when Liam sneaks out of his room while I'm watching The Santa Claus in bed and snuggles up right next to me and I let him because he's so squishy. Or husband's delicious pasta that is giving me all the cravings. Or the fact that I'm still able to walk up 6 flights of stairs at work. I may be panting and...."glowing" but I can still do it!

Looking at this week as a whole, it seems annoying and frustrating and like some people can be jerks. But as I reflect on the little moments, the parts that truly matter, it makes it all ok.

And also, there's a vacation in my future. :)

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