How to be a Basic Boss

T-Shirt: ASOS
Jeans: GAP
Button Up: POLO
Sunnies: VANS
Necklace: STELLA & DOT c/o

Nothing speaks to me more than baggy jeans and a white tee. I live for the simplicity but it can be a little boring. Typically, I'd throw a leather jacket over the shoulders and call it done but this is Texas and even wearing jeans in this heat can feel like a stretch. If you read this third piece post (see more here), then you know I can't just leave it as is.

Adding a button up or flannel around the waist adds a cool girl vibe and a bit of effortlessness, without the extra sweat factor. The additional layer provides depth and interest and even works like a belt cinching in your waist.

Braids can also elevate a seemingly boring outfit into something interesting with a lot of texture. A dirty, messy bun becomes chic with just a few extra minutes of effort.

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend! So grateful for those who've sacrificed so much and bravely fought for our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day.


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