Life Looks Like This

Black and White Outfit
Black and White Outfit
Black and White Outfit
Black and White Outfit
Black and White Outfit
Black and White Outfit
Skirt, Target | Sweater, JCP | Flats, Clarks 

Making: Myself reeeeeal comfortable on the couch. The little nest I've created is not giving me motivation to clean up dinner.
Cooking: Roasted broccoli and salad. Not so much cooking the salad but the broccoli really gives me life. If you're interested in literally the best recipe on this planet follow these super hard instructions: Fill pan with raw broccoli, drizzle with EVOO, add a little bit of garlic powder or salt and a pinch of lemon pepper to taste, bake for 15 minutes. You're welcome.
Drinking: NOT a beer. Really wishing I would have made that store run on the way home.
Reading: Not one thing. *lowers head*
Wanting: The sun to come out. I've been locked in a conference room all week and would love some good ol' fashion sunshine.
Looking: For the perfect foundation. Thomas surprised me with a Sephora gift card (he's the sweetest) because my skin is apparently high maintenance and is getting super picky about what I put on it. Looking for just the right one.
Playing: With SnapChat filters. So addicting, so ridiculous.
Wasting: Time with the above.
Enjoying: Listening to Thomas giving Liam a bath. They're currently singing some made up version of Wheels on the Bus and bananas. It's quite delightful and makes my heart sing.
Waiting: for baby.
Hoping: and Waiting.
Marveling: at the boy Liam is becoming. I genuinely like him as a human. I can't wait for him to grow up and hear his thoughts about life and God and relationships. But then I can.
Needing: to bite Liam's cheekies because OH MY GOSH. The squish.
Wearing: Bare feet (always) and yoga pants that I actually did yoga in. These ones specifically.
Smelling: how badly I need to take a shower. Because yoga.
Noticing: that Liam has THE. BEST commentary.
Knowing: Knowledge can be so empowering. I'm learning so much this week and I'm feeling so fulfilled.
Opening: my heart for whatever God has. Blindly going by faith can be scary but strangely affirming. What? I don't even know but I know that He is bigger than this.
Feeling: loved

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