A casual Fall outfit and a post that got away.

Fall Casual Outfit
Fall Casual Outfit
Fall Casual Outfit
Bow Flats
Ray-Ban WayfarersFall Casual Outfit
Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Fall Work Outfit
Olive Trousers
Ray-Ban Sunnies

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you! This has been an insanely productive work week which means it's been b u s y. Busy is good though right?

1. I was throwing a football in the hall with someone I work with and a friend who was watching commented on how competitive I am. Why does throwing a foam ball need to be competitive? It doesn't friends, but this is who I am. I've accepted it.

2. Stop with the red cups. Just stop.

3. While we were eating breakfast yesterday, Liam told husband that he was so handsome. I died. It's funny hearing him repeat some of the phrases that we say to him. Some days we are "so silly" and other days he "likes mommy's shoes."

4. Liam loves to stop whatever he's doing to discuss airplanes if he sees or hears one. One night I was putting him down for bed and he heard an airplane. We moved the curtain to look out the window and he spotted the blinking light traveling across the dark sky. I told him how Uncle Tone' flies airplanes which BLEW Liam's mind.

 "He flies three airpwanes?"

"Well. Sure. Ya, I guess." I'm so poetic.

"Yes. Uncle Tooone' fwies pwanes hiiiigh in dee sky. He flies with daddy."

"Daddy doesn't fly airplanes."

"No, Daddy sells cars."

5. Husband surprised me with a Sephora palette set. Guys. ! Bless him. I've been using it every day since I got it and I'm obsessed with each palette that comes in the set (comes with 4). If you're looking for a great holiday gift, GO.

This post really got away from me. Not really sure where it was headed. But here we are. Happy day.

 Turtleneck - Old Navy, similar
Pants - Gap via thredUP, c/o
Flats - F21 (old)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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