Those dog days of summer

September hit and suddenly my soul is screaming "fall! fall! fall". Summer is by far, my favorite season. But as the season comes to a close, I wish for nights consisting of fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and faint sounds of the wind blowing the crispy leaves off of trees. The unfortunate part about that is I live in Texas--the land of one and a half seasons. We're lucky to experience a true winter. It's still 100 degrees out but it's Friday night and I am listening to the not so faint sounds of the little drummer boy (or 7!) in a sea of band mates, stadium lights peering in my window. Football season in Texas has never been so real now that we live right across the dirt road from a high school complex. Which, by the way, is larger than my hometown's fair grounds! Nutso.

And while I'm wishing for cooler months, Liam and I have been enjoying a few moments outdoors. The air is certainly not crisp and the leaves no vibrant shade of red, but we are enjoying our last few days of summer.

 So here's to a few more snow cones, those long warm nights, and that flip flip tan! Also, L needs a WHOLE new wardrobe since he decided to sprout up like a weed this last month and he only has one pair of jeans and seven 12 month sweatshirts that he grew out of about 8 months ago. Men can do capris, right?

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