over the weekend--fourth of july style

the family headed up to the cabin to celebrate the fourth for a little r&r. it was wonderful getting out of fresno's heat wave to enjoy the lake without melting your tush off.  husband wasn't able to get it off so me and liam headed up to meet with the rest of the fam.
^^^he loves sitting in the backpack with me and sucking on his fist. and being outside enjoying the fresh mountain air was b r i l l i a n t. he's gonna be a nature boy, i just know it.

^^^ family vacation calls for ice cream and summer drives. and it seems like blisters on my feet. for real, every time i'm with them, i do some sort of injury to one or both of my feet. this time, i decided to walk on hot sand. and by hot sand, i mean mother effing hot coal. or fire. one might say i walked on fire. either way, this was the result.
^^^pardon my foot, but those are blisters. oh and if you're wondering, they're most definitely on every. single. one. of my toes. day one of vacation didn't start out so well.
^^^all tuckered out after a day of driving and being in the sun. this little guy is a trooper.
^^^katie showing us her nightly yoga moves. jen partook in some but then wasn't convinced "it would put her right to sleep." i watched from my bed, as only one should. i don't find that sun OR moon salutations add to my day. ha. but katie is a firm believer and will try to convince you to do it with her.
^^^we sat around the fire one night and roasted s'mores. perfect summer night, if i do say so myself. i discovered the best way to roast a mallow. katie's method, actually. lightly brown the mallow, the BOOSH, make it go up in flames. it lightly toasts the inside and crips the outside. i've always judged the method, as many others have, but try it. you'll like it.

^^^i'm a twinkle light lover.
^^^the whole family sat at the lake-- drank a few beers, people watched (rednecks were out in full force), floated in tubes, chatted, and the little may have fallen asleep with my aunt. watching the waves can put babies to sleep, if you didn't know. one second he was awake and talking, the next, head down and drooling.

^^^these little chillens are wonderful and the best nieces and nephew around.

^^^warning: if you leave your car seat out, it may get taken over by a certain three year old. safety first!
^^^doing summer right
^^^waiting for the fireworks at the lake. some of the kids may or may not have gotten a little impatient but it was worth watching them reflect over the water. 

it was a glorious few days being with family. i'm pretty positive my family is better than yours.

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