little bits

i am officially back at work. i thought it would be tough to be away from liam but i've found that it's been the best schedule. i leave early enough (4am...some days it feels a little too early) that he is still asleep and get home around the time he's waking up from his morning nap. it's been nice to add another side to my plate.

my sis and i relished in the first day of summer at the farmer's market. it was delightful indulging in corn dogs and fries, organic honey, walking around with a sleeping baby wrapped around me, and watching ainsley and tess dance in the square. it was hot but it was magical. sidenote: she helped solve our entertainment center problems. it's the little things.
husband and i are also making it a tradition to eat lunch in downtown once a week. we have been enjoying doing some thrifting and enjoying time as a family. if i were to describe my perfect day, that would be it. also looking forward to liam being old enough to not cry when he doesn't have his pacifier.
yesterday was liam's first time at the lake. it was hot and the lake was the perfect environment. husband is still there enjoying a pontoon boat with friends. hello!! could you BE any more summer than that? also looking forward to the time when liam is old enough to be on a boat so that mama can enjoy those wonderful summer moments as well.
the little is nine weeks old. his little personality is coming out and i've been enjoying him so much. i love his smiles and that i can always get a smile out of him like nobody else. i love the way he chomps down on his pacifer. the way he wakes up from his naps so dang happy every time. this kid, couldn't love him any more.

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