the most wonderful time of the year

baby boy is already almost three weeks old. it really is true when they say time flies with your little one. it's unbelievable to see how big he's already gotten--his wrinkles and crinkled up body are smoothing and he's already getting so good at holding his head up. his strength is unbelievable. leg kicks to the stomach and arm shoves feel much different now than they did when he was born. we've started the babywise process and it's made such an improvement in our sleep routine. =) we only have to get up once during the night and i count my blessings when he wakes up at 8:30am. this is been the last several mornings and am LOVING this pattern. even still, i never knew i could be this tired. would i trade it? not a chance. even in my most tired, impatient moments i love him more than i ever thought possible. his little grandpa face and inquisitive expressions melt me every. time. 
also, summer is coming and i'm stoked. it's my favorite season. it seems like spring was here for a day and summer decided to arrive early around these parts. husband is almost out of school, we went to our first baseball game (liam's first one ever, though he slept through all of it) and watched hunter pitch a killer game, summer dresses are making their way out of the closet, flip flop tans are making an appearance, today is my official start of swimsuit season and getting back to my pre-baby body, and the bbq is getting cleaned. yep, summer is here. 

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