vacation part III: the last supper

there were kinda a lot of people on this trip
we spent a long last day on the lake and went back to the cabin and bbqed a bunch of food. tri-tip, 'bobs, potatoes, corn--amazing! food is always better when prepared on a grill, if you ask me. it was picturesque. the sun was setting and most of us sat around on the deck while the food was being prepared. sadie loved it too. she soaked up all the attention and she certainly does love being secretly fed food under the table. we lazily ate our dinner and finished it off with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream. yum yum.

it was an amazing vacation, however short it seemed. i always feel like i could be in the mountains forever. it truly is my happy place. the place that quiets the soul, re-centers me, and never fails to prove the magnificence and wonder of god. my family does that too. they're good for me. 

and now i can't wait for our next winter vacation there. just imagine.
twinkle lights.
fire in the fire place.
sled rides.
hot chocolate.

you're dreaming of it too.

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