lake #2

we recently took a day trip to shaver and r&r at the cabin. it was short but restful. watching sadie go in and out of the water, laying down and then rolling in the sand never gets old. she's such a water dog. my goal this summer is to get her to actually swim. for a water dog, she's so scared to actually swim. this summer though, it will happen. i know it! 
we picnicked on the beach and thought about what we'll do next time we're there. 
{paddle boat!}
and of course, we schemed and planned things for the future. we're both dreamers, but hubby really loves to put his dreams into action. he's already googled and craig's listed (yep, now a verb) and discussed with friends. always so quick to move, and i am the realist. it's a pretty perfect match though, i'd have to say.
days with him are always happy days.

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