so this just happened

today happened to be one of my favorite days in a very long time. husband had to work so me and girlfriend decided to walk to surprise him. little lady is NOT in shape and around mile 2 started walking behind me instead of pulling in front of me. these walks are apparently necessary. we sat outside on the grass for a while and eventually husband walked out and was so surprised! dos and girlfriend!! it was pretty perfect.

then i convinced husband to finally go with me to get a bike. love love love my new beach cruiser! thank you, husband. you are my favorite! my VW finally let me down and it wouldn't fit but not matter, i rode it home. i felt like i was 5 again. couldn't stop smiling.

after husband took it for a spin, he realized how great it is. now he's dying to get one. i knew it was only a matter of time. no one can resist the schwinn.
and then we ate our happiness and gained about five pounds worth of pizza and parmesan balls. so worth it.

sundays never let me down.

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