husband got a new bike! well, he got his second new bike. several days ago, we scrolled through craig's list and found him a bike. we went and checked it out and discovered it was minuscule. super. the guy had another buy he was selling, not the style thomas was wanting, but desperately wanting a bike decided to go for it. silly him, though, didn't take it for a test drive. on the ride home, he realized his mistake. loose handlebars, bent/broken crank, faulty seat, non-working gears, and a list of other things = an obviously successful craig's list purchase. a few days went by and i was still prodding him to get a bike. he was a bit discouraged about his last purchase but agreed to go with me to target to get a basket. you see my strategery? :) didn't get a basket, but husband got a new bike! and it was the best bike ride we've had. an afternoon cruise for beverages and and slow ride through downtown clovis was just lovely. 

maybe we should get a sidecar for sadie.

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