Dates 1 & 2

Husband and I were lucky to have two date nights this week so far. They're always different and I always come back feeling so refreshed. Date night number one looked like this:

We went to dinner at Cool Hand Luke's. They don't mess around with their alcoholic beverages there. H.O.L.Y. All you need is one. They should even consider that to be their slogan.  Dinner was amazing. Even better, we got a free dessert to say "thanks for coming in." No, no. Thank you. Driving needed to be put on hold due to said beverages so we walked across the street to Pier 1.

We were this close to buying this chair and I'm real sad we didn't. That was the best thing my bum has ever experienced. Two seconds later, Husband broke something. I swear, he can't go anywhere without dropping something or staining his clothes.

We quickly (not as quickly as I would have liked) left after sheepishly offering to pay for the little globe that will probably go on clearance tomorrow anyway, and headed to Chuckchansi.

 We hoped to win some money back from the last time in Shreveport. Upon arrival we listen briefly to some really cool band playing and wonder why everyone cares so much about them. We just figured they were some cover band. Nope. No...definitely Creedence Clearwater Revival. Know this song? 

Ya, me too and they were playing it. Thus would be my life. We gambled the night away and I won us this!

And then promptly lost it all. No matter. It was still a glorious night.

Date number two was a little less extravagant. 

We often frequent Yardhouse because it reminds us of our honeymoon. It's fun to reminisce. =)
Thomas drank this...

and I drank this...

It was the perfect summer night. Dinner outside sipping on some cocktails planning our next big trip. We're deciding whether we want to go smaller scale (Palm Springs) or bigger (Hawaii). I need somewhere tropical and I'm getting grumpy cause I don't have it. Yes, I realize Palm Springs is definitely in the desert. Husband's exact feelings are this, "I want to go to an all-inclusive where you pull up, they take your bags and hand you a mai tai!" Good man.

We walked around a bit after and then headed home. 
One of us went to go work out, and one went to the pool.


I finished my workout and was incredibly jealous of this happy face.

And promptly did this.

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