Lessons in motherhood

I went to Salinas Monday afternoon for a belated Mother's Day celebration. If I have more than two days off I try to escape somewhere. Keeps things fresh and interesting. Only thing missing was husband. :( (to quote Alice Cooper, SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!) Didn't do much but enjoy the company of parents, sis and babes. Poifect. I was a little bummed I couldn't make it for church Sunday. For those of you who don't know, my parents are pastors at our church. I say "our" as if I still attend but it's my home church and always will be. Anyway, my mom and sis gave the sermon for Mother's Day. So proud of them. While I was only able to see the podcast, I was still so in awe of my mom. Her strength never ceases to amaze me. She didn't always tell me everything she was going through during her "darkness" which was probably good for me. But the one thing that I always saw through everything--God's sovereignty and the power He gave her to mother her children in the best way possible. Watch the sermon here. You'll want to. :)

Tuesday, me and Katie spent the day in Gilroy. 

Life lesson number one learned there: me and Hubs are not having twins. Babies are hard...but two. With two there's just so much more. More throw up, more outfit changes, more poop, more outfit changes, more potty on Auntie while trying to change dirty diaper, more outfit changes, more stuff, bigger stroller, more throw up, and then more outfit changes. And did I mention there's more throw up?? Good night! Molly was full of juices. And she let everyone know it. Life lesson number two learned in Gilroy: Shopping can not take longer than a few hours. I know this now doing it the hard way. All day. Four month olds don't like to shop all day. Ask me. I'll tell you. Life lesson number three learned in Gilroy:  
Get a massage chair. It's a life changer.

  In the middle of learning my life lessons.

Massage chair glory. Katie looks like she's not enjoying the full body vibration, but she is. Kneading to a back is great for a mother. Or just a simple barista.

One of my favorite things about visiting home is talking to Mama. Late night talks with her are sometimes the more intimate ones that stay with me.

 In between the crazy that is twins, there are these little moments that I steal. Those little ones, always smiling. A life lesson to be learned there too. :)

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