Dear Tuesday,

Day one of my three days off was excellent. It was a slow day--didn't get off the couch til after 12pm. Sometimes it's just hard to, ya know? Husband was good to me and went thrifting. He puts on a front like he doesn't enjoy it, but it was HE who found our amazing pot for our jasmine. It was a pretty fantastic find too. Couldn't have done it better myself. Like any married couple, we went to Target and found nothing we needed (my bike--yes, Rach I'm looking!). I did, however, find some things I didn't need and promptly purchased those. Since hubs was so good to me and went to my stores, I went to Best Buy. He thinks he needs more speakers which I will never understand since half our living area is speakers. Again, didn't get what we intentionally went in for but came out with a new desktop. We needed that more than the speakers. He wouldn't say the same.

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