A 12 Hour Trip To Heaven

Yesterday was... 
Blissful. Heaven. Restful. Fun. Freeing. Put it an adjective...it was it.
I had high expectations for the day, to be honest. It was my only day off in eleven days. I was tired and wanted to take advantage of my time away from work.
We threw out several ideas. Perhaps go to the casino or the zoo? The zoo sounded fun so we hopped in the car. Half way there, Husband looks at me and says, "Why don't we just got to LA?" I shut it down pretty quickly and then thought about it and said, "YES!"

So we turned around and headed South. We didn't really know what we were gonna do. Eat? I mean, who doesn't travel two and a half hours for lunch?
We got there around 3pm and saw the Hollywood sign, million dollar shacks in Beverley Hills, and too many puffed up lips. 
Husband had never really seen LA other than really driving through it so I directed us to Rodeo Drive. 

We parked and walked the drive, all the while he couldn't stop staring at cars. 

We saw Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, the guy from the Backstreet Boys who's name I can't think of, and were just so happy to be together. Corny? I don't care.
We stopped for a cocktail and cheesecake on Rodeo and enjoyed the view looking at the Beverley Wilshire Hotel. It was pretty romantic.

Hopped in the car again and drove toward Santa Monica Pier. It was beautiful driving towards the ocean watching the sun go down. 

We walked the pier a while and then ate at Bubba Gump's. 

Delish. And fattening. And the perfect icing on the cake.

It was a magical day. So needed for us. We forgot any stress. Erased work, money, and time from our minds and just were. It's days like these that make us love our life choices. Our choice to wait in having kids. Our choice to live where we do. Our choice in partner. 

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