Sadie and friends

The other day while me and Husband were out on one of our adventures and we came across this pasture. It was so beautiful and a bonus feature was that the horses reeeeeally wanted to play with Sadie. 

Here, they notice our presence and meander their way...

 It was pretty spectacular how close they were. So much sniffing and horse grunts (from both dog and horses alike)--it seemed almost magical.

 They all came over which was even more amazing. It was seriously gorgeous.

 We've always joked that Sadie is the size of a horse, that is until we actually saw her next to one. Or three.

She quickly lost interest which annoyed me. I wanted her to play!! This little bugger certainly wasn't done.

 She had grass to eat which was clearly more important.

It was one of those moments that make Sundays my favorite.

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