It's important for me to capture little moments in my day and be mindful of them which is often why my phone is attached to me. I love the spontaneity of a picture and I love even more looking back at things that make me happy. Thus, the inspiration for this blog. Every so often, I will go back and see how far I've come. It's a tangible way for me to remember things (my memory is something to be desired) and see maturity--hopefully. Ha. This week was trying but these little moments was a simple reminder to keep smiling.
 Brought her out today! 

 Tanning in March.

 This. Every single night.

 Morning coffee. Therapeutic. 

They've been extra gorgeous lately.

 Yes, I still make wishes. I think of them more as prayers.

 A good hair day.

 This lazy girl always makes me smile.


 Sun rays. 

 Sparkly toes.

The way she perks her ears.

Summer dresses in Winter?

Today was a "me" day which I try to have every now and then. It's a good way for me to recharge and allows for me to really appreciate those special moments in my day. Downtown Clovis and I had a friendly visit and she was everything I needed. I love circling a thrift store. And by circling, I mean I will go around the store 3-5 times before I decide on a purchase. This is why this is a good "me" activity. Husband does not like to circle.

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